As a bit of a novice with NAS im not sure what I need and am puzzled by one or two things.
Im looking for a 1TB extendable to 2TB Gigabit NAS device which I can plug into my router.
I require it to:-
1. Backup my network PC's (3)
2. Allow me to store and play my ripped DVDs and videos (I have a large collection) on my HDTV probably via a media centre.
3. Store my photo collection
4. Future store and play HD content.

Other bits
a. Am I right in saying I need a device with NTFS as FAT limits the max file size to kless than a DVD?
b. I dont think I need raid to achieve the above as the NAS will mirror whats on my PC(s) so loss of either the PC or NAS wont lose data.

I dont want to spend more than I need. The Thecus range seems extensive and get good reviews so one of them may be suitable although im not sure which.

Thanks in advance