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Thread: NEC e808: The Java Apps+Games Thread

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    NEC e808: The Java Apps+Games Thread

    this thread is mostly links for e808 related stuff...

    Excellenbt info:>>>

    I suspect that loads of people here are also getting a 64MB e808 soon. Guess what: there are free internet downloads until the 31st of august i read somewhere!

    here is a link for some games...

    this website has tons of games to try...

    omg i have heard that this phone has been hacked? this is terrible... quick protect the phones!!! remember this phone is useless for java until hacked, the optimism for games in this thread is naive...

    anyone know about more java goodies? i would go crazy for a c64 .SID player... or a way of using "sidplay.exe" on the e808...
    like this you can store hours .SID masterpeices to listen with headphones on one megabyte.

    maybe a dictionary would be good...

    please post any links and ideas about this phone...and any bods might even say what the OS is like?

    reviews and user experience...
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    Formerly known as Viet Cong Zombi and tuone
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    this phone has hava capabilities but no internet access.

    someone sent me this:

    Regarding accessing the internet, many believe 3 will start
    to offer this service - most probably starting sometime between
    October 2003 and January 2004.

    It seems /might/ be technically possible for someone else to offer
    such a service in the interim - but AFAICS, there would be no way to
    get any revenue from it.

    The attempts at hacking the USB access that I looked at did not
    end in success. /Maybe/ it is possible. However, it may be that
    3 have firmware which effectively prevents transferring applications
    to the phone over USB. In that case, USB transfers will never work
    properly :-(

    Some claim that 3's network would not withstand extensive data
    use. However it also appears that 3 are dreaming about deriving
    revenue through their portal. That dream is a nightmare for 3's
    customers. Let's hope 3 wakes up from it as soon as possible.

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