Anyone had any experience OCing an SN45G with Baton 2500 AQZEA ?
If so :
What temps did you get before and after ?
Did you ahve to use speedfan etc to control heat ?
Exactly what settings did you use ?
How stable was it ?
Did it affect you RAM ? I know enough not to try changing the VRAm on my SN45G which is mobo rev 2.0

My sys at the mo is :

Corsair XM3200 2x256
Radeon 9600Pro
120 GB IBM
NEC 1300A

Temps are around the 46 degree mark after a good CS sesh.

Or any experience OCing a SK41G ?

I am either going to build this with
an Athlon/Duron around 1Ghz which I have no experience with really...
with an 1800+ T'bred B core which I have had in my MSI KT4 Ultra rig at 11.5x166 with stock V's...any idea how good that'll perform in the SK41G ?

Any help/advice/comments would be appreciated !!