I uninstalled my sound blaster audigy, rebooted, came back to windows and it finds new hardware. I cancel the wizard and install the new drivers, everythings fine. I then proceed to uninstall the drivers, turn the PC off, and plug my soundcard into my last PCI slot.

Heres the thing I dont get. When I booted back up, it didnt recognise the new hardware (no new hardware wizard) but there was an unknown PCI device in the device manager - so its there...
I run the driver installer and reboot and its all installed - no problems as of yet.

Now the last time I used this PCI slot for this soundcard my PC would bluescreen randomly, and only once I changed the slot did it not do this, and I put it down to the PCI slot being bodged.

So Im wondering if there REALLY is a problem with this slot...and if I should bother RMA'ing the mobo.

Any ideas would be appreciated

(yes I realise now that the blue screening may have been to do with the previous drivers (yet the same ones worked perfectly when I put the card in a diff slot!) but it doesnt explain why there wasnt the auto detection wizard thing.)
Also, early days for the bsod happenings yet, but I Thought I would post.