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Thread: Overclocking a Phenom II

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    Overclocking a Phenom II

    Hi there, I have had intel chips for the last few builds I have done, and was wondering what differences there are when overclocking via an AM2 motherboard.
    I'm thinking of getting a Phenom II ~2.8GHz in the new year, and would want to overclock. Would I still be dealing with a locked multiplier and raising the FSB, or is it different? What numbers are typical? Memory speeds? Would AM2+ be appropriate?

    Thanks for any help guys, I'm literate with PC jargon just haven't used AMD in 10 years...

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    Re: Overclocking a Phenom II

    It's still locked multi raise the FSB iirc

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    Re: Overclocking a Phenom II

    Well, there's no FSB in AMD, but the principle is similar - raise the CPU clock and the CPU frequency will increase by the multiplier x CPU clock increase. Keep hypertransport frequency within spec, so you may have to drop the multiplier on that too.

    Black edition AMD chips have unlocked multipliers.

    Phenom II aren't out yet, so it's a bit hard to give numbers on what you can expect.

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