Geez, you gotta really curse when you thought about buying a set of these, I just went to creatives site to get an update on a stock level on a part (they have offered to send me free of charge when it comes in because they were out of stock, I did not even ask I was just offered... ) and while I was there I saw a recall notice, if you own a set of 510D's with a set serial range there is apparently a fault with the subwoofer, so what creative want is the sub back, they will then send you a brand spanking new set of the newer THX version's and as a goodwill gesture a FREE muvo 128mb MP3 player.

Is it just me or does the way some companies treat you make you wonder why you would buy other brands? I mean I bought a Zen MP3 player friom someone else, but creative are sending me a free car kit worth 20 quid, I have no idea why they offered, but with the sort of thins I have been reading lately thier customer services just booted Logitech off the pitch (read their ample dealings with 680's)

They (Creative) have gone a long way up in my estimations in the last few weeks I tell ya...oh yeah if you do own 510's check here... for details of what you gotta look for to see if you qualify <wanders off mumbling 'bastages'>