Got a cheeky cpu upgrade after building my parents a media centre putting my cpu (E4300) in their HTPC and got an E5200 for myself. However the current bios on the P5W DH deluxe doesn't seem to fully support the processor. When I go to change the cpu voltage, the labels do not correspond to the actual voltages received by the CPU. I currently have the voltage set to the maximum I can (1.7V) but CPU-Z reports it to be ~1.25 volts which I am more inclined to believe.

I currently have the processor sat at 292*12=3.5GHz (can only do integer multi's) but I know i could get more out of it if i could up the voltage. My PC is water-cooled and coretemp maxes out at 51C under full load on both cores so temperature isn't really an issue.

Anyone have any experiences like this or any advice?