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Thread: Random resets and failed Memtest86 help.

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    Question Random resets and failed Memtest86 help.

    Hi all, just looking for a bit of help and advice on this one.

    Last Autumn I ugraded to a 2.8Ghz, 800fsb with 1Gb of Corsair twinXMS 3200, a Gigabyte 8KNXP mobo powered by an Enermax psu.

    However I started suffering random resets especially if running a memory intensive app (well game!). I rang Scan, got advice, tried it all out to no avail, I couldn't run memtest86 at the time due to not bothering to chuck a fdd in the machine. So I tried the machine with just just one stick in and all appeared to work fine - regardless of stick or slot used. Figured I'd sort it out as soon as i got chance, besides it's got a warranty for a reason.

    After I got Chrimbo out the way, ie had time to sleep/eat/breathe again, I finally got time to chuck in the other 512Mb and do a little testing (of course Memtest would release the iso after I found an old fdd to throw in! ).

    Ran it earlier tonight and within the space of 15 mins or so I get 8,000+ fails.

    can post the exact info if req'd but basically failed in tests 1,3,4,5,6 .... stoped it after that and decided to post here. Fails usually occured around 840Mb and a few at 1004Mb.

    Any advice at all?

    fyi, system is not overclocked in any way including CAS and I've already
    checked the Gigabyte site before figuring a BIOS update might do the trick, flashed it to F9 which I believe includes the F5 Cosair TwinXMS fix.

    Hoping that I can get this sorted if not i'll just have to RMA it and maybe try and get it switched for 2Gb of major?

    Cheers for any help/suggestions

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    So memtest runs fine with either stick by itself? If so, then it sounds like it could be the motherboard. Not sure what would cause this though.

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    Copied this to Overclocking and Hardware too for more answers to a common problem.

    Ive been googling for you, and it looks like your not the only one having this issue. It doesn't look like a problem with anything in your system independently, but an incompatibility between the two.
    There is a 4 page thread over here on the official corsair forums, and no one seems to have found a solution to the problem yet, Gigabyte are not solving the problems with the product (as usual), and Corsair don't seem to have given any official word on the issue.

    There is some tips in the first post on how to get less errors, and different ways that he has found to get various things working, but nothing solid that will make the system work 100% without any issues.

    If it works with the 2 sticks in non dual DDR mode, just use it like that. There isn't a huge loss in performance, even though annoying

    Although, lets just hope one of thw scan guys has found a solution to this problem, as its obvious this as hit quite a few people from googling

    Hope thats of some help
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