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Thread: The M350 Mini iTX case

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    Re: The M350 Mini iTX case

    Quote Originally Posted by Cov View Post
    Quoting prices without VAT, that's cunning of MiTX Warehouse:

    In what way 'Cunning'? I don't think their main aim is the retail market, their market is OEM or other retailers, who will be VAT registered anyway so VAT is irrelevant (as far as the purchase is concerned). What is important is the actual price of the goods.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    I don't really like the look of that site to be honest...
    In what way? Visually, presentation or commercially?

    I agree it isn't the best looking site, but as I said above I think their target audience is OEM rather than retail (both business and web site)

    Having recently bought some components from them (as a result of seeing the discussion on thius forum - thank you Cov!) the service was excellent. A query was answered by e mail within an hour, and when I ordered, the goods turned up securley packaged when they said.
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    Re: The M350 Mini iTX case

    If anyone's looking for another ITX site, I know of this one (never ordered anything from there though): sorry if its a bit late. Anyone building yet/any pics?

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    Re: The M350 Mini iTX case

    Hi, thanks but my opinion is that they are too expensive.
    And deceiving customers with quoting prices without VAT is not nice either.

    Anyway, I have placed an order with just the other day, ordered the kit PicoPSU 150-XT + 150W adapter ...

    Only $79.95 for the set, that's £48.73 ... but you have to be aware that anything you order from outside the European Community is subject to import tax.
    The amount does vary from country to country but is likely around 20% of the price incl. shipping.

    Considering the rip-off prices here in Europe (the same PicoPSU + 110W adapter cost 110.- Euro = £95.-), ordering from USA does make sense to me.
    Besides this, they are one of the very few shops who have the 150W adapter.

    Should I report back as soon as I have my parts ?
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    Re: The M350 Mini iTX case

    If possible, yeah!
    Photos would be great too!

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    Re: The M350 Mini iTX case

    Waw! Great find.

    Can someone spec up what Motherboard / CPU / Ram, Power supply (Unit) would be good to get? I quite like that case but not sure what spec would be best? Be worth looking at.

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