Recently my pc has started to heat up the room to more than bearable levels.

I already have 2 of the Corsair Dominator fans over 2 pairs of RAM and I think I should replace the stock HSF for my q6600 slacr next.
So, I spent half the weekend researching (and counting) which HSF is the best atm.

Eventually I found the frostytech site which rates the Titan Fenrir as the second coolest at 85w and also at 150w. I think the g0 slacr is supposed to be 95w so this seems to be a reasonable choice.

Other sites have the Thermalright Ultra eXtreme and the Noctua NH U12P as the best if you use 2 fans and the order also changes depending on whether the PC is in tower or htpc config :O

Then there's the Tuniq Tower 120 with the fan in the middle. This one seems to have merit since I'm using the Dominators and their fans - I believe it kinda blocks the airflow if I choose a front->rear HSF like the Titan/TRUE/Noctua?

So, what I'm trying to ask is:
Does anyone have a front->rear config HSF and is using the Dominator Airflow fans? Does it infact impede airflow?

....and if anyone can recommend anything or add something I'd be grateful.