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Thread: Advice for new gaming rig build

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    Re: Advice for new gaming rig build

    Probably the best article so far about SSD. It was take you quite some time to read through, but it will be worth it as you will almost be completely in-the-know and will leave you with a compulsion to buy a SSD.

    Apparently the best single upgrade you can make to your computer.

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    Re: Advice for new gaming rig build

    Wow....Infinite, that article took SOOO long to read! It did, however, open my eyes to a lot of things I would never have thought about before. By the sounds of it, until Windows 7 is released with this so-called TRIM command and newer SSD's arrive with greater functionality for it, the SSD situation sounds similar to the i7/i5 dilemma.

    At the minute I'm thinking the best option is to maybe put my OS on the SSD (and put it to read only if possible, but most likely isn't) and then install software or data on a fast HDD, or should it be
    SSD-> OS & Software
    HDD-> Mah stuffz

    As regards to processors, from those benchmarks, the possible i5 did well against the i7 in many tests, even beating it in the single-thread benchmarks. But, think about it;

    i5 - 3.2GHz
    i7 - 2.66GHz

    No wonder the i5 came on top for those tests. And that's not taking overclocking into consideration. The i7 is reaching 4.0GHz on stock fan without breaking a thermal compound (did you like it? I replaced sweat with thermal compound ) and the message from the article is saying that a 1GHz OC is anything short of a miracle for the 1156 sok.

    NOTE TO ALL: My attention span isn't great, so any mis-interpretations? You know what is to blame ;]

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