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Thread: transferring all files from old to new hard drive

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    transferring all files from old to new hard drive

    I have just bought a new hard drive and want to copy everything over to the new drive and use the new one to run the PC. Can I just copy everything over or do I need to do something else. I have norton ghost but not sure if I can just copy files across(ie copy sys onto new HD(currently set as slave), reboot. Set new HD as master and use that as main HD).

    What is the best way to do this(and if you can use norton ghost, how do I do it?)
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    erm well there is a rumor that u cant copy the system files used to run windows... but i aint sure.have u not got a copy of ur os?then u copy ur other files onto it.

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    Use Nortons ghost and also make a bootable floppy for Ghost.

    - Install new HDD and format.
    - Ghost current drive and store it in either of the drives (if it has enough space)
    - Boot from floppy and restore ghost image files to new HDD.

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    All the main hard drive manufacturers provide free software with which to copy accross large volumes of data for new hard drives.

    Western Digital Data Lifeguard tools are free to download and secure.

    Go here:

    Hope this helps
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