I updated my hardware with a new Rig a couple of months back, new system complete throughout and then I find out that ASUS have not added my board to their list of compatible board to run Windows 7 on... Well considering the price of the motherboard in the first place I would have though at least this was in their list of compatible board which will receive updates for Windows 7.

I have the ASUS Rampage Extreme (I) motherboard which ASUS categorically state is not suitable for Windows 7...? Well I have tested my rig to see if the entire system is compatible with Windows 7 and it is, so who is telling lies then, Microsoft or ASUS. I have run a compatibility and it states everything is fine apart from the software for the motherboard which I am not particularly worried about really as I do not use any of the software that comes with the motherboard. I tweak the system via the BIOS instead it's safer and more reliable.