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Thread: Botched Windows 7 update giving me problems

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    Botched Windows 7 update giving me problems

    Im running Windows 7 on my laptop, with updates being installed by me, but downloaded automatically. A few days ago i installed; ''Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB974431)'' and restarted my laptop. It installed the update upon restart, but failed, so restarted and reverted Windows to before it was installed.

    The problem is that everytime i turn my laptop on it trys to re install agai, failing, reverting then restarting. A process which takes a good 20mins.

    Is there anyway to get out of this cycle, or get the update without it butchering itself upon installation?

    cheers guys

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    Re: Botched Windows 7 update giving me problems

    Once you finally get in, download the update manually and apply it yourself. That should fix it.

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