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Thread: prob with hdd (120 maxtor ) only reads 50gig ?

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    prob with hdd (120 maxtor ) only reads 50gig ?

    hi guys

    ok i not good at typeing about bits like this but here i go...

    ok just geting this sys up and runing it has a .....

    asus....p4s800d mobo
    cpu.....p4 2.8
    g4......titanium 4600 128

    and a 120gig maxtor ...

    ok i put this in and went thought the steps as like a fresh install..
    in fdisk it says its only got ( 51704 ) 50gig but i have put the drive in my main
    sys and it says 120gig at post and in fdisk ? can someone please tell me why its saying its only got 50gig or is it something i am doing ..thanks

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    Does it recognise it as 120gig in bios?
    Fdisk - I assume you're using a dos/98/whatever bootdisk - try the updated fdisk on (about half way down the page) to cope with larger drives

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    I Are you saying you have already partitioned it and installed windows ? If so maybe you only partitioned 50 gigs of it ? If so, you can make a second partition with the free space. Also was it an NTFS or FAT32 partition ?
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