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Thread: Laptop advice max £800 range

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    Laptop advice max £800 range

    Good Morning,

    After the 5* advice i got on which laptop I should buy, I have decided to throw another post up on here.

    My cousin is looking for a gaming laptop but he dosent have a huge budget to spend he would like to spend max £800.

    He would like to play most new games but ist too fust about very high gfx settings.

    He will mostly be playing online games like TF2, WOW and Star Wars The Old Republic when it comes out, we dont know the tech specs for this yet so a bit of headroom to allow for this would be great.

    I'll thank you guys in advance because i know the advice will be spot on


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    Re: Laptop advice max £800 range

    check this webby.. it has links to discount dells..

    also i'd do a search on discount codes (eg free shipping or x% off) on top of the savings if your lucky you can walk away with a real good deal..

    i bought a m1530 a while back about £200 under there normal webby price!!

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