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Thread: Efficient Office System

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    Efficient Office System

    Truly terrible title typo, smooth!

    My mum wants me to build her a system for as little as possible that she can do office work, email etc. Also for storing photos and music. There also might be the occasional movie to be watched. Here's what I've lined up. Thought I might as well make it as efficient as possible. Let me know what you think.

    Coolermaster M-ATX Case £30 (Scan: LN28797)
    PSU unsure: Corsair 400W, Seasonic 330W, Silverpower 400W, Silverstone 350W, Earthwatts 380W (recommendations welcome)
    Athlon II 245e £57 (Scan: LN29655) (Not really sure if the 45W is worth the premium over 65W?, but I like the idea of cool and power efficient)
    Asus 760G MB £55 (Scan: LN29524)
    Samsung F3 500GB £37 (Scan: LN28751) (Thought about an F2 or Green power, but as its boot as well as storage thought the F3 was the better bet)
    Sony DVD-RW £16 (Scan: LN28905)

    The budget is "As close to £200 as possible" I already have a pre-order copy of windows 7 that will go on there, so no need for OS

    OK Here's where I'm having difficulty. I'm almost sure that 2GB RAM is sufficient amount, but I'm having difficulty arguing with what I think is the great value of: (seems an ideal kit for an Athlon II / Phenom II system at £30 a stick imo)

    Any suggestions welcome, I know the kind of things that are likely to make up a suggested build arent too far away from this, I'd mostly just like to know your guys opinion on the RAM situation, the best budget PSU that is still a reliable unit, and the benfits of the 45W 'e' Athlons.

    Also if there are any super bargains to be had on any components that I've missed. Cheers in anticipation. Of course the other option I've got is dissasembling my Gen1 Athlon X2 Media Server, giving her the parts from that, and building a nice new Media server
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    re: Efficient Office System

    This Ion based Atom motherboard would probably do the job:

    It has a dual core Atom processor,Nvidia 9300 IGP,wifi and a built in PSU too!

    I would get one of these cases:

    I would remove the existing PSUs as they would be noisier and less efficient than the passive one included with the motherboard.

    I would add these other components:

    2GB PC2-6400 RAM ~ £35

    Sasmung F3 500GB ~ £34

    SATA DVD rewriter ~ £15

    Also make sure you get a cooling fan if one is not included.

    The other alternative would be the following system:

    ASRock ASR-A780GM-LE ~ £42

    This has a HD3200 IGP with 128MB of RAM on the motherboard for the IGP.

    AMD Athlon II X2 240e ~ £57

    2GB PC2-8500 DDR2 RAM ~ £40

    OCZ 400W StealthXStream PSU ~ £35

    Sasmung F3 500GB ~ £34

    SATA DVD rewriter ~ £15

    Coolermaster Elite 341 ~ £28

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    Re: Efficient Office System

    Typo corrected for you

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