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Thread: CM sentinel mouse impressions

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    CM sentinel mouse impressions

    Helllloooo people! I recently got a CM Storm sentinel from Scan. Gotta tell you guys, this mouse rocks! What makes it especially cool is that I when I switch game profiles, the led colours on the mouse change, so I can identify the change really quickly. Comes in handy in tense gaming situations.

    High dpi, but i don't think i'll use it at the highest setting. Comfort and button postioning is good. Only thing is that the upper end of the weight range for the adjustable weights is a bit low.

    Other than that the mouse is a pretty good mouse and comparable to most other offerings from other manufacturers. But you gotta love the bling bling of the multicoloured leds.

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    Re: CM sentinel mouse impressions

    The SteelSeries Xai is getting positive reviews from gamers aswell. You can save your mouse settings straight on the mouse.

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    Re: CM sentinel mouse impressions

    I was initially thinking of a roccat kone since i had read good things about it. But for its specs, i found it a tad pricey, hence i went for the CM sentinel. That being said, a mouse is a really personal thing so I am sure that specs aside, comfort and mouse shape will be a major factor for many users. It is interesting though, to notice how the different manufacturers seem to position the mice buttons, possibly to suit a different gaming styles.

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