Draytek 2710 N


DIR-855 Extreme media


I was all set to buy the draytek then i dsocovered these dual band ones..arethey worth it? The draytek has everything in it i need apart from its not dual band.

I download a lot...play games but not at the same time...i watch movies quite a bit too, but usuall not at the saem time as gaming....

Im not sure what ppl think of dlink generally or if theres better, whatever i get MUST have a usb printer port. Apart from that i plan on getting a new pci wireless n card for my pc, one for my htpc, and my laptop will be using its built in wireless b(i think) I need a modem, unfortunately the D-link doesnt have one so id havto have yet another box plugged in, which would be annoying, so is dual band worth it? and if so does anyone know of a router with a built in modem, and a printer usb port, and dual band?