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Thread: What cable do I need?

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    What cable do I need?

    I have a new PC that I want to connect to my hub. What cable do I need? I will be buying from:

    Please let me know!


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    Just any bit of Cat 5 will do you. Most any PC shop sells ready made cables, all you gotta do is choose the lenght you want.. OR.. you could get all technical and buy a load of CAT5, some RJ45 connectors and make your own cables up... OR... befriend an IT mokey and get them to make you a length of cable up.

    Job done!

    ps, the page in the link is down at the moment, so apologies if this reply ahs nothing to do with whatever is on the page.
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    Im not sure if it matters but i'll say it just incase it does get read, your looking for "straight through" cable and not "cross over", dif is if u hold the 2 ends of a piece of straight through the colours of wires match in the same order only mirrored.
    As i said dont know if it matters when pluggin into a hub but there ye go.
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