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Thread: Cheap unlockable processors

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    Cheap unlockable processors

    Morning all,
    following payday last week i finally decided on a set of components for my new build and placed my order for an Athlon X2 5000+ at around £35 from scan. I have since received an order from scan saying they are out of stock and will not be replenished.
    Do any of you have any other recommendations for a cheap AMD processor that could unlock, or is the Athlon X2 5000+ still the best option at £45 fom ebuyer?
    The PC's use is going to be fairly basic, I just want to try and unlock something as a project, however if it doesnt unlock I still want something quick enough not to get too frustrating!

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    Re: Cheap unlockable processors

    I wouldn't bank on something unlocking as there is no guarantee. The Athlon II X3 I have was about the same price, maybe a bit less actually than what you have for the X2 5000+. I managed to unlock a core on it - now a Phenom II X4. However, the L3 cache didn't "unlock". Certain web sites claim that the X3 with AAYC on the back are Deneb cores which have the L3 cache whereas others are Propus Cores with 4 cores but no L3 cache.

    The X3 in stock mode is not bad for the price.

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