Hi everyone,

I am really drawn towards this new case, the coolermaster CM 690 II


It seems pritty full of features, its a good price and i can easily transfer my existing kit into it. Now what I really want to do is to buy it some new fans and get the airflow up to a maximum.

The review says you can either have
support for a total of ten 120mm or five 140mm fans, in addition to another two 80mm fans.
Now I think that 10x 120mm is too much but 5 140mm would allow for maximum airflow and minimum noise. This is what I want. Probably the most important factor is noise for me I would love a near silent machine but still with great overclock potential.

Therefore my question is, what are the best 5x 140mm fans I can get which will give me great airflow and minimal noise, infact the least noise the better. I would also if possible like a fan controller system, I have no idea which of these are good or bad so I would love it if someone could recommend / provide me with some good links for buying the 5 fans and a controller.