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Thread: im bored, what can i do with a usb cable?

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    Nothing to do with usb cables.....but.... is a very cool site....
    Some of the items we carry are "DANGEROUS" and may be "ILLEGAL" in your state or country. Please be sure to check local laws "BEFORE" ordering.
    Requires caution as output can produce a very painful electric shock and is not intended for human contact!
    You grab your electronic AIR TASERtm and as the intruder approaches you hit him with the full 100,000 volts. He lurches forward, falls to the floor and convulses. You call the police. They still arrest you, but your lawyer has the charges dropped. The intruder attempts to sue you, but has less chance of collecting damages as he is only mildly injured. You contact the AIR TASERtm company and they send you a new unit free of charge for the next confrontation.
    and the thought that they only appeared in red alert...but no!
    Tesla Coil4 To 6' DISCHARGES!! 1,500,000 Volt Floor Model

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    • subucni's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe
      • CPU:
      • Athlon 64 X2 4800+
      • Memory:
      • 2gb of generic DDR1 rubbish
      • Storage:
      • Nothing special
      • Graphics card(s):
      • 512mb ATI 4870
      • PSU:
      • Corsair HX520
      • Case:
      • CM Storm Scout
      • Operating System:
      • WinXP 32bit
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell U2311H + 19" Hanns.G Dual setup
      • Internet:
      • 20mb VirginMedia
    i like the idea of the pc security system, i was thinking about doing that myself but then remembered my mate has just had a pace maker fitted so, just to be on the safe side, maybe i shouldn't go for it

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