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Thread: Printers?

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    Morning all,
    Not sure if printers come under hardware. Guess so. Can't find any "good printer" threads.
    My canon Mp610 all in one printer has hit the skids. Paper is constantly getting screwed up. Have looked in to see if there is anything stuck in it, but can't see owt. And photo paper from the bottom tray comes out very strange, all striated.

    So, basically, on the look out for a new printer.

    Thinking, wifi or ethernet connection, sub-£100 if possible. Cartridge costs also may be a factor.

    Need: Printer and scanner, don't really need fax facility. Have looked on Amazon, etc, having seen Sainsburys and John Lewis adverts in the papers today.

    Can't find any that I'd be comfortable with. Appreciate that 9 out of 10 people on Amazon don't know what they're talking about, but thought i'd try a haven of knowledge (i.e. here) to see if anyone can recommend a good printer.

    So... take it away...
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    Re: Printers?

    I have a Brother FMC and it's great. Bought it in Tesco as an ex demo, and I think I got it for about £50. Didn't come with cables or manuals or ink, but it takes a standard 3pin power cable, ethernet cable and inks I bought cheap for about £1 each or something at the time. Inks are all seperate cartridges so you can replace just the Magenta if that is all that's run out. Mine are starting to run low so I picked up a couple of complete packs from Buytech for about £2.50 for all 4 colours.

    The Tesco Extra near me actually has a decent range of MFCs, and they do HP, Epson, Lexmark and Brother units. When I got mine a year ago, units with a sheet feeder and ethernet were pretty thin on the ground, they seem to be a lot more popular these days.

    I have no idea how mine is for photos, I tend to get them printed at Jessops instead, but regular "office" style use it is very good and very compact too.

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