Right, really tempted by the new dell monitors so curious how much do you think i could get for my monitor?

It is an LG 22LS4R, this is a 22" monitor with a tv tuner (flipping digital switch over has now made that useless). has ariel connector, 1 vga/ 1 hdmi/ 1 component / 1 head phone out/ 1 3.5mm audio in (for using dvi/vga cable instead of pure hdmi)/ 1 S Video/ 1 Scart/ and the 3 pin set (i cant remember name, i thought it was s video if im honest ) and of course it has a set a speakers (not the best but acceptable).

Oh and resolution is 1680x1050, has some cosmetic damage like some scratches but the screen is still great as they are only on the base really.