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Thread: Laptop - HDD upgrade, or new laptop

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    Laptop - HDD upgrade, or new laptop

    I have a nice Sony Vaio laptop, which is getting a bit long in the tooth. It is the VGN-FS790P,

    It is still a nice laptop, with a good screen, and a nice keyboard, it is light, and I personally think it is plenty powerful enough for basic use - internet, docs, etc. but it has been quite slow recently, and I think it is in need of an OS reinstall.

    I've already been looking at buying the new Windows 7 Family Pack with 3 licences for £113, which would allow me to upgrade my home PC and this laptop, and sell the other to family/friend for the remaining 3rd.

    Then I was thinking, the biggest problem is actually the hardisk - so maybe I could just upgrade to one of these new combo SSD-Platter hard drives. The original hard disk was 80GB or along those lines, so a larger disk wouldn't go astray. It is also only 5400rpm, so the speed increase should be good. They are around £80, right?

    Last i need a long life battery, which is another £60

    So for under £200 I could totally rejuvinate my Sony laptop to something which boots faster, has a fresh OS and good battery life.

    What is recommended for around this price to compete with this?

    Anyone tried one of these new hard drives?

    The only reason I can see to upgrade the entire thing is for extra new features, like Wifi .n and bluetooth (which i do use), but these can be solved with external dongles (bt dongles are cheap, wifi .n ones probably will get cheaper). But is there anything else I'm not thinking of?

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    Re: Laptop - HDD upgrade, or new laptop

    Seriously, don't bother with an ssd/hdd hybrid, not worth it. The os can't tell the diff between the flash part and the platter part of the hdd, so all advantage of using flash memory is lost when it is loaded up with, say, the pagefile, temp file, etc. Out of all the podcasts/reviews I have heard/read that have mentioned one, none have recommended a hybrid drive.

    Buy yourself a decent sized laptop hdd at 7200rpm, your laptop and your wallet will thank you for it.
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