Right well i got bored and decided to plan out my new build when BD comes out so i got thinking about my storage and how to arrange it, so far ive got this :

64-120gb SSD as OS drive
2x500GB or 1TB drives (probs F3's) in Raid0 just for games
1TB low power drive(f2 or WD greens) for storage

I presume this would be a fairly good setup? not to worried about data loss as game saves will be on my os drive anyways and work will be on storage drive aswell as online (dropbox).
Apart from this im just wondering what stripe size to use for games, i understand if writing a lot of small files a smaller stripe size is better but thats all.

Also i think im right where raid 0 is the only level that doesnt waste any storage, i.e if i had 2x500gb drives id total at 1tb useable correct?