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Thread: Unlocked Multiplier Warranty

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    Unlocked Multiplier Warranty

    Hey guys,

    Random question about which I've been wondering. For unlocked multiplier CPUs such as Sandy Bridge K, what is the warranty situation regarding increasing the multiplier? Obviously, overclocking typically voids any warranty, but with CPUs sold at an increased price for the convenience of an unlocked multiplier, it seems incongruous that they expect you not to do so. I mean, very, very few people would buy such a CPU in order to underclock it (I'm actually struggling to think of a situation where that would be desirable) and, as far as I know, the only difference between the 2500 and 2500k, for example, is an unlocked multiplier.

    Maybe there has been a statement already about this, and I just can't find it, but it'd be great if anyone knows anything. This is all just for curiosity, of course, but I'd be really interested to find out.

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    Re: Unlocked Multiplier Warranty

    I'm puzzled with this as well.

    I'm using AMD 955BE with unlocked multiplier, I am now actually underclock and undervolt the entire system (CPU, NB, HT, RAM, Chipset, SB, you name it) to transform it to a silent pc for everyday tasks. Well, just to save the earth (and a bonus to save some watts ) I'll overclock everything when I really need to do extensive stuffs (modelling, gaming etc) which essentially stress the system for good few hours/days.

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