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Thread: 5.1 Digital's Borked out of the box, or just a mere wiring problem?

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    5.1 Digital's Borked out of the box, or just a mere wiring problem?

    I was just wondering that these new speakers I have aqquired have what looks to be digital connectors, like the sort on the back of a cd player, a wire with a metal bit sticking out. This is pushed into an open whole which then is held in place by a clip. Each wires end splits into 2, a black input and red out, or the other way im not sure. Anyway these speakers are brand new and 2 of 5 satellites are working, the sub is working too... as for the other 3, not a peep! U guys reckons its the speakers or just ive not wired them properly or not pushed them in far enough?

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    sounds more like its only outputting 2.1 instead of 5.1 , dont know what sound card your have but if it has any options it should have a 5.1 selection ,u also want to select 5.1 in the windows sound setup

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    Ive sorted em

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    wow they sound lovely, much better than my X620's

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