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Thread: How wireless can you go?

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    Question How wireless can you go?

    Having just bought a shuttle system and moved it into my living room (much better than being cooped up in the boxroom upstairs) I've started looking at wireless keyboards and mice to reduce cable clutter and tidy up my desk.

    This then set me thinking ... can I get a wireless transmitter for my monitor? I've seen some smart looking wireless monitors available, but I don't want to fork out for a new one. So ... does anyone know of a potential solution that's suitable for games playing but won't cost a bundle?

    The same thing with speakers. The tangle of cables from my four speaker set is a bit of a pain in the ar$e at times, so is there a speaker set out there that offers wireless speakers (preferably 5.1)?

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    afaik there is no wireless monitor transmitter available as of yet that will be good enough for games. There simply isnt the bandwidth available. Fastest commercially available wireless stuff is 54mb/s - or 108 with some dodgy doubling up. So in short no ;/

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    I think Bose do some wireless speakers but, as with all their gear, it's very expensive for what it does.

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