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Thread: Question: Water cooling 2 or more PCs...

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    Question Question: Water cooling 2 or more PCs...

    I own 3 Shuttle XPCs; SK41G, SS51G, SN41G2

    I have seen the interesting Zalman Reserator and it intrigues me
    From what I understand, the Reserator can be used with a CPU alone or in conjunction with the ZM-GWB1 to cool your graphics card (if you've got room, which the Shuttles are unlikely to have I guess).

    Can you instead daisy-chain 2 (or even 3) CPU waterblocks with a single Reserator?
    Well, I assume physically it's possible, but is it advisable/practical?

    I do not overclock any of my PCs, so that won't be a concern.

    Has anyone used a ZM-WB2 with a Shuttle XPC - are there any installation issues?

    Theory at this point is to buy a Reserator kit and 2 extra ZM-WB2s and have the 3 PCs on the same plane with the Reserator, one pipe between each PC.
    3 might be stretching it, but would 2 work, do you think?
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    You can do it with no side effects, except that the reserator will be required to dissipate twice as much energy. Of course, the hotter it runs, the more energy it can dissipate, My estimation would be that if it cools one cpu to 40C, it would cool two cpus to 50C. The temperature difference between the two cpus would be minimal.

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    I very much doubt that the reserator would be able to dissapate the heat from two or three CPUs. You would be doubling or tripling the load and, considering that the reserator is not exactly 'powerful' in the first place, probably not advisable.
    Apart from that there would be little problem in running two or more CPU blocks in series. Although you wont get the same temperatures in each system as the ater temperature will go up slightly as it passes through the blocks. A lot of watercooled computers have two or three blocks in them anyway. The problem is that as you had more piping and blocks the pressure drop will increase and you will need a pump capable of more head. You also have to consider the radiator which would have to be fairly heavy duty.
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    imo, it will be fine with two, but 3 is pushing it.

    but, depends on the exact CPU, how much you planing on thashing the CPU 24/7

    - also, if i where doing it, i'd have the loop split, so the cpu blocks are in parallel, not daisychained


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