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Thread: SN41G2 horizontal lines on full screen video playback

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    SN41G2 horizontal lines on full screen video playback


    I have this issue playing back video full screen or nearly full screen on my new SN41G2. It happens no matter what video I'm playing: divx, DVD, mpeg2, VCD, xvid, mpeg etc. and no matter what player: PowerDVD, WMP, Divx Player, VLC etc.

    If I pull the video window above about 3/4 of the screen size or make it full screen then I invariably get horizontal lines flashing randomly on the video picture.

    Temporary workarounds have included: logging into another user account, restarting the PC, reducing the colour depth from millions to thousands of colours - but the effect always reappears on the playback of full motion video.

    I've updated the motherboard and VGA drivers to the latest ones off the Shuttle web site. I've installed DirectX 9. I've tried changing the frame buffer in the BIOS to 64 and 128Mb.

    But I get the same thing time after time. A friend who also bought the same Shuttle also gets it.

    Has anybody else had this and what was the fix? We got our mahcunes fromthe same suppler (Gemma in the UK) who also supplied the RAM (I am leaning towards the RAM as a suspect).

    The other thing is that I'm outputting exclusively to a TV through a Svideo cable - but my mate is using a VGA monitor and gets the same thing.

    Any clues anyone? Would the BIOS update help?



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    Thats odd, my SN41G doesn't do this at all.
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