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Thread: Shuttle PN15 Wireless module conect to Netgear DG834G ??

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    Question Shuttle PN15 Wireless module conect to Netgear DG834G ??

    To start i am completely new to the art of put together a wireless home net work,so with that in mind here go's .
    I have got a computer in the house which is conected to the internet via a Netgear 54 mbps wireless ADSL
    firewall router DG834G,which i have only just bought and set up in the last week,now this is the main computer
    and have just bought a 2nd pc a shuttle which has a Shuttle PN15 wirless module pre installed and built in ,my question is how do i get the shuttle to conect to the internet via the Netgear DG834G,i do not want to try to
    set up the conection ,before having some idea of what to do and how to go about ,can someone help me out with
    some instructions/advise

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    just install the pn15 in the pc. turn on the router's wireless ( i have the same one imo not very stable anyway ) and if you use xp sp1 and above you just click on the wireless connection and a connection box should pop up and press connect

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    Yes, should be a brain dead set up.
    70 hours a week is not enough

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