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Thread: Anyone with a ROCCAT Kone [+] that HASN'T died after 2 months of use?

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    Re: Anyone with a ROCCAT Kone [+] that HASN'T died after 2 months of use?

    Quote Originally Posted by snootyjim View Post
    My G5 is coming up to 5 years old now. Point isn't necessarily that Logitech's gear is reliable, CAT, more that if they ever do go wrong, Logitech will do more than any other company I've come across to put things right again.
    V1 or V2?? Many of the people(including me) who have the issues are with the V2 model(the pair I bought were in 2009) with a lesser number of V1 models,and the issue is on a large number of forums. I thought I was just unlucky with the first one,and then the second one showed exactly the same problems after around the same amount of time. The second one for was another build,which I did not do and I left it in its packaging on a shelf and forgot about it. So I actually opened up the second one and started using it after the first one failed and the same thing happened. The first mouse was used on a different computer,so even the possbility that the computer hardware was causing some issue was not there.

    Random disconnects in games,and the sensitivity just going mental(in a downwards fashion) - yes ,the quality experience which is the G5. Both G5 mice are so borked now that I am using a Dell laser mouse from a mate which seems to have better precision in any games I have used.

    I thought this might be some software issue. Also tried Vista and the same issue happened on a different computer with different hardware. Then looked on a few forums to see a solution - there are loads of people having the same issue within two years of using it. Same symptoms. Many people thought it was a software bug,but it was a production/design fault. Absolute silence from Logitech on this matter. I suspect whole batches of the G5 had poor QC which is why this issue happened.

    Now,I am very wary of any of their higher end mice,so if I am going to get one of them,I will certainly make sure I get one from another company just in case.

    I better hope Logitech,as least replaces one of those flipping mice. OTH,I have chucked the receipts away,so it is going to be fun. It is inexcusable that two of their highest end mice at the time should be so unreliable,especially after being in production since 2005,with a second version being introduced. I have certainly spent enough money with them.
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    Re: Anyone with a ROCCAT Kone [+] that HASN'T died after 2 months of use?

    What strikes me as amusing is that I have never paid more than 20 quid for a mouse, never bought anything more advanced than a reasonably basic Intellimouse Explorer, and never had a mouse die on me until this budget PC World one which STILL lasted the best part of 4 years. The only reason I've ever changed mice is for major upgrades (e.g. PS/2 to USB, then ball to optical, then optical to laser).
    And yet, now I'm considering tripling my budget in order to get a mouse that will last a long time, all I'm reading about are failures and issues. I just don't understand why making a reliable, top-end, fairly basic (mechanically speaking) product is proving to be so elusive to these manufacturers.

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