Hey all,

My Dad's old mobo is not playing ball with an SSD he's recently bought (without consulting me, grrr) but it's over four years old and he said he would be up for upgrading that and the CPU anyway. I was thinking of going the H61 / G540 route as they come in at just shy of £70.

Problem being I was going to go for the MSI H61M-P25 which is the cheapest at £32 but on the main MSI product page it says in red 'warning' "While you set up SSD with AHCI mode, for performance and stability we suggest you enable hot plug for better system running"...

This doesn't sound too promising seeing as AHCI is where he has problems with his existing mobo.

I'd happily just pay the couple of quid extra for say an ASUS or Gigabyte, just wondered if anyone had any experience running an SSD on a H61 chipset, any problems, or success stories?