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Thread: Getting USB 2.0 on a Notebook.

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    Getting USB 2.0 on a Notebook.

    Hi ho,

    I need to get USB 2.0 on my notebook, but i have a problem.

    I have two PC slots, one which has a Belkin 54g card in it.

    I have found a few cards that will add USB 2.0 to the notebook, but looking at them they are never going to fit in along with my current wi-fi card.

    Any suggestions? maybe somebody does a PC-Card extension cable or something? Or is there another way to get USB 2 on my yee old Dell Inspiron 4100. (yeah i know, and there tech support are a pain in the ass).

    Oh what should I buy next a HP or a Toshiba budget notebook? Decisions Decisions..

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    I've got a thin 54g PC Card that lets me plug a USB2 card in above it. It's a Dynamode card IIRC. Other than that I don't know what to suggest. Ditch cardbus for wifi and use USB?

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