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Thread: asetek water cooling kit

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    asetek water cooling kit

    just read in latest issue of custom pc that these are the best water cooling kits. Having never used water cooling at all, I wanted some advice. Can anyone recommend some kit, ideally I want it to cool CPU, northbridge and gpu. I have a thermaltake VM3000A case(the skull case) which may restrict space. Also needs to be easy to install with good documentation.

    I want it to cool an AMD64 3000+ on an ASUS K8V delux board with an MSI fx5900XT card. Was thinking of going for air cooled but the thermalright XP120 needs some fiddling of mobo which I'm not keen on.

    Any other ideas?
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    Get seperate parts, they perform better, a lot better.
    Kits really offer nothing more in terms of setting up or ease of use - they just chose the parts for you. Most people recommend dangerden stuff.. which is adequate for most... I highly recommend the dangerden D4 pump (which is acctually a rebranded laing D4 pump, which is very good). As for blocks, thats all personal preferance.
    For rad, get a car heatercore, nice and cheap - £10 each from my local shop, as opposed to £70 each for a decent pc rad.
    You should get a res as it makes it all a LOT easyer, and make sure you get wormdrive hose clips so it doesnt leak.

    Dunno what the XP120 is like, what about other coolers, slk800 for example, assming theres a version with the right mounting holes.

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