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Thread: pc problem

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    pc problem

    a friend has an issue with his pc:

    So, what has happened is "something" on my PC changed, which now leads me to have 20-30% CPU usage from Hardware Interrupts and DPC's.

    I've narrowed the culprit down to ACPI.sys drivers, but none of them are able to be updated. In particular ACPI.sys!OSNotifyDeviceWake is proving to draw a ton of power. But even after disabling all power control in Device Manager, choosing a different power plan, and other annoying tidbits, I still haven't been able to fix my problem.

    I hope someone here can help, as getting help elsewhere started out great, but is now just a waiting game

    spec is an asus P8Z77 board , i5 3570k (and other stuff)

    any idea`s?

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    Re: pc problem

    ACPI.sys!OSNotifyDeviceWake I believe is responsible for Wake-On LAN, so a sensible starting point would be to disable Wake-On lan if it is active. Check if your the cpu usage drops once that's disabled, if its an unnecessary feature then you can just leave it off.

    Try checking for BIOS and NIC drivers too, hoperfully it will be lessened just be disabling WOL though.

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