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Thread: Digital TV card, XPMCE...

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    Unhappy Digital TV card, XPMCE...


    I have just set up a media center system using XP MCE and a hauppauge digital TV card. It receives UK freeview channels. The problem is, the video is very choppy and can lose sync with the sound sometimes.

    I tried to rectify it by buying a different model of tv card. (still hauppauge but different chipset and hence totally different drivers). Same problem.

    So this leads me to think that it's somthing wrong with my system. I noticed that the problem improves greatly if I defrag the drive that the media files are stored on, so I'm wondering if the throughput of my drive (SATA 120GB) is the problem. XP MCE does buffer TV to the disk to enable time-shifting.

    If I play a DVD in the MCE software it doesn't miss a beat, so I know my system can handle the video. Also, if I use the hauppauge proprietory TV software (which is pants) the pic is ok, so I know it's not my TV signal.

    Any ideas how I can proceed? Any BIOS settings I might have set wrongly that would affect this stuff perhaps? I'm stumped (and so are hauppauge it seems).

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


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    Tried the card in another PCI slot? Tried the latest chipset/IDE drivers?
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    Have checked that you are using the MCE specific drivers and not the XP ones? Also im sure windvd is required somewhere along the line for the mpeg codecs, hhhmmmmm codecs.....

    (It is a PVR card, right?)

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