I recently decided I would build a gaming pc solely for playing the odd game on and to go alongside both my rMBP and Thunderbolt display.

The biggest obstacle with getting this solution to work was to buy a thunderbolt compatible motherboard. The Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH.

My understanding behind this was natively the Thunderbolt display would only run off the integrated graphics on the machine. (HD4000) and not the dedicated. The board however offered the feature (Virtu MVP) which is software that allows the dedicated graphics to be streamed (not a technical description) to the thunderbolt ports found on the motherboard. Allowing the monitor to be plugged into the motherboard and not the graphics card which does not support thunderbolt.

I have managed to successfully get everything setup with the thunderbolt display (all drivers and operation between both the HD400 and GTX680 graphics card)

Some games seem to work perfectly (FarCry 3, SimCity), however others (GTA,Skyrim etc..) seem to be shuttering terribly, which is not an fps issue)

What would be the best solution? Are there any alternative options? Should I replace the thunderbolt with a cinema and do any hubs exist yet to convert anything over?

Would appreciate any support with this!

Thank you