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Thread: Looking for the best cost per page printer?

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    Looking for the best cost per page printer?

    Hi folks.

    I've done "some" research, but now I'm just going in circles.

    I don't mind the cost of the printer/bits, so long as the cost per page returns the best saving. I would be printing text documents with some colour wherever there are pictures, but I am not after top quality photos. I would be printing 4500-10000 per year, but if the choice of printer needs that range cut it would be either 4500-7000 or 7500-10,000, with ~80-85% in the lower range.

    I have thought from looking around a little, that laser is better, but laser/inkjet comparison charts have overlapping numbers for black and colour cost per page. These numbers are just what I've seen so far so feel free to correct them.

    Lasers from 1p-3p+ black and 2.6p-8p+ colour
    vs Inkjets 0.5p-3p+ black and 3-5p+ colour.

    If it's correct the cost per page overlaps for mono/colour laser vs mono/colour inkjet, I'm thinking these numbers only apply to me if the toner/ink doesn't "go off". Possibly inkjets only have better prices per print when the ink cartridges are huge, so I'm wondering if ink cartridges will go off in the printer if my usage is mostly 4500-7000 a year. There might be issues with toner sitting in laser printers for a few years but it doesn't look like it.

    If there are best options from laser and inkjets based on my needs and usage, that's fine, I am first trying to pin down laser or inkjet, but it doesn't have to be one or the other that's just to try to narrow the choices.One running cost I found out about was changing a part on laser printers every ~50,000 prints, the example was £230 so this adds 0.45p to each print.

    I'm also wondering how I should combine cost per page numbers for black and colour into one overall figure per print? 75% black plus 25% colour? 90% black plus 10% colour? It might not be that straightforward because they talk about "coverage" and I'm not sure if that means only a proportion of the colour print is actually colour.

    Many thanks for any help.
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    Re: Looking for the best cost per page printer?

    Did you get anywhere with this?

    Irrespective of what the manufacturers say regarding inkjets, I find it hard to believe that for black printing they could be cheaper than laser.
    To get the laser cost oer page really low, look for printers where the drum and toner are changed separately. Usually most lasers have a cartridge which contains the toner and drum in one unit. So when the toner runs out you have to replace the cartridge even though the drum would be good for another 5000 pages. For quality stick to true laser rather than LED printers.

    Regarding cost of combined print, I think the 80% Black and white 20% colour split would be a simple way to try and get a combined cost figure. Actual ration should be based on how many colour pictures there would be in the docs.

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    Re: Looking for the best cost per page printer?

    when my canon ip4000 was still working the cartridges were pennies!

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    Re: Looking for the best cost per page printer?

    I'm still using my ip4000 -great and as you say cheap. Got an Canon mp640 as well but this has developed a 'B200 error' and although I have cleaned out the head error still appearing and still won't print. Scans ok though. Don't know how many of the canons are affected by this 'b200' error which demands a head replacement as new printhead is not cheap or worth it in my opinion. Sorry I can't help very much with the 'good cheap scanner' but interested as i maybe looking for one myself.

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