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Thread: sony pcg fx101 laptop cdrw and ram?? HELP!!

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    sony pcg fx101 laptop cdrw and ram?? HELP!!

    Im trying to find a replacement cdrw drive for forementioned laptop and im having no luck. ive no idea where to look and know buggerall about laptops in general.

    Also ive heard that they are tempramental about what ram they will run- ebuyer are selling 256 meg pc133 sodimm for £30. the ram in it is pc100. do you recon itll be ok? is there a preffered brang of ram in the lappy circles?

    its usb 1 by the way so external drive is out and im stuck with crappy os.

    the machine is running ME- celeron 600 and is very slow on the stock 64 meg pc100 and its hammering the hd- needs an upgrade quick.

    Thanks in advance
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