I ordered tis fan from amazon, but it was supplied by a third party, when the fan came the screws/bolts where not present. I have googled quite extensively and although I came across various fittings, it seems it depends on whether or not it's an open or closed "flange" I tried emailing antec support, but instead they just gave me a link to the antec site to order spare parts and when I sent another email indicating that I only needed to know what to look for and not to actually be pointed in the direction of where to boy, the email was just ignored (which i was disgusted by tbh) and i did look through the site, but no.. it doesn't even show you what fittings you need for an antec bigboy.
So anyway, if anyone could please tell me what I need to order (preferably noise isolating mounts) i would appreciate it a lot. Believe me I have looked around and asked and nobody has helped yet.