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Thread: No video output after sound card installation

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    No video output after sound card installation

    Hi all,

    There's no sound card subforum so I thought this was the place to start - please move if not. I have adapted my mATX setup to be the lounge media center PC seeing as I don't have a study anymore - sadface.

    Setup is:
    Asus P5G41T-M LX2/GB/SI LGA775 microATX motherboard
    Q6600 CPU
    6Gb Corsair DDR3 RAM
    HD4850 1Gb GPU
    Attached to my LG 36" LED TV

    Sound card is Creative Audigy SE 7.1/PCI

    I bought the sound card because I have a DAC, and wanted optical output from my PC for higher quality audio. I went for the cheapest discrete soundcard that had optical out (S/PDIF) because when I upgrade to a better mobo/CPU (hopefully not too long) I will just get a mobo with optical out built in, and a graphics card with HDMI. All was working fine, then I plugged the card into a free PCI slot, booted, and got no video output. Removed the card, booted, all fine again.

    From my googling, and my rudimentary understanding of computers, it seems to be an issue with the PCI slots upsetting each other, but I don't understand it (evidently), and I can't see a way round it.

    That's where you come in! Any ideas or advice? Thanks for reading
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    Re: No video output after sound card installation

    Funny enough this has happened to me recently.

    My guess is either physical issues (doubtful) such as shorting it out or EMI damage.

    However there is an option in the BIOS something to do with the interrupt or PCI channels. Basically you may have PCI/PCI-E slots conflicting using the same interrupt request/channel.

    Wish I could be more helpful but basically take a look at the BIOS or computer management to see what values are assigned to the PCI slots. The graphics card and sound card may be using the same IRQ.

    You can usually change this, whether via BIOS or within the operating system. It'll be called PCI/PnP within the BIOS or via the resources tab in device management (if you are using Windows).

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