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Thread: Need advice on choosing laptop ...

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    Need advice on choosing laptop ...

    OK, I'm posting on behalf of a friend who's after a laptop now he's started a new job and is finding himself away from home alot of the time.

    He wants a laptop he can use for general browsing, MSN, WinAmp, a little image editing, watching DVDs ... the usual stuff. He wants to be able to last on batterys for a decent time and doesn't want anything too heavy (lighter the better).

    He wants to spend upto £1k ... whats the best for that money (absolutely no more - ideally a little less). Don't know a great deal about laptops myself.

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    I can highly recommend the cheapest laptop that Dell sell, the Inspiron 1000. I'm using one right now. It will do all that you describe and the best thing is you can get two of them for that price!
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    Yes Dell seem to be a good all round option but i would wait until after Xmas theres a lot of stock out there that need to be got rid and all suppliers are holding up prices until the last possible day. once one gives way they will all follow then lots of bargins. Try to get a widescreen option if you can with a good GPU ATI 9600 /9700 .

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    yeah, i also might be getting a simular laptop as was looking at the dell range

    - any got any other good brands?

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