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Thread: How To Stelth the cdrive?

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    How To Stelth the cdrive?

    is this easy anyone seen a good guide! to total noob here!

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    Aye easy.

    If you have a sn45g v2 like meh.

    Unscrew the bolts from the front face plate so your left with the metal backing and the perspex front bit.

    If like me you want to have the bolts still then you will need a bit more work.

    get another bit of perspex (same has the front bit) drill 2 holes and attach the front part to this part with the botls. You will have to cut the bolts down a bit otherwise they will stick out.

    Get some sticky pads / velcro pads and attach to your dvd-rom/cd-rw

    Pritty much it

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