After reading the Hexus review of this headset, I grew fascinated by the concept of 60mm drivers. What did they actually do? Prior to this, my main headphones was the Sennheiser HD238, a fairly competent and affordable all round performer.

Also needing a proper headset with mic, I took the plunge to see what 20 additional millimeters of driver delivers. A bloody lot to say the least. The claim on the box of 'Thunderous Bass' is accurate. Push the volume high enough and, if not by your ear drums; it is punchy enough to directly stimulate your cochlea by transmitting vibrations through your head. Play a horror game with a heartbeat background and you will begin to think it is indeed your own heart thumping.

Mids and highs sound pretty good too, and the intro of the FL Studio Remix of Amaranth really nicely pops with the Cerberus, as does much Electronica. Though I think when bass comes into play, other sounds are somewhat dulled.

The optional unidirectional mic does what you expect it to do and I have had no problems communicating in game.

Criticisms... The body looks and feels cheap. It is not strictly that it is made cheaply, but the some of the design choices let the side down including the red band that goes around each cup which looks like it was made from low grade plastic. I think a painted matte red stripe or even nothing at all would make it look more premium.

Tarinder pointed out in the Hexus review that the headband feels tight and he is right. It does initially however eases as time goes on, either the elastic has softened or I may have gotten used to it. Whatever the reason, it is pretty comfortable even after long sessions with it. The setup still is not ultimate because if for example, you want to rest for a bit, pick up a call or listen to your SO from the other room, resting it around your neck is hindered by the elasticated band which pulls the cups right up to your neck and holds your head in place as if you had a cervical fracture.

This and the bulk makes it less suitable for listening to music with your phone or PMP on the commute.

The braided cable looks nice and I'm sure will take a good deal of abuse, but is very rigid and sometimes causes scratchy sounds to be transmitted when they rub against your shirt. I would have liked a simpler, lighter cable but that's not too much of a problem.

Finally the boom mic. It is unidirectional and this means it only fits in one way (ie, a certain rotation). If you're like me and like to take it off when not using it, it is a little annoying because there are many more ways you can get it wrong than right when putting it in despite the flat edge to guide you, this means a little extra fumbling than I feel is necessary.

In summary, a few questionable design choices but on balance; very much suited for gaming and those who like their bass.