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Thread: Any experience with Peltiers??

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    Any experience with Peltiers??

    I've got a swiftec peltier heatsink (226W pelt in it!!) and had a little play with it yesterday. I hooked it up to the 5v line while was sitting on the bench and used my finger to test if it was getting cold or not. H'mm sure did and that was only on 5v.

    I basically wanted to see if I could use it on 5V only and get away without condensation but no such luck. So I need some Dielectric grease now.

    Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of rigging this thing up on my IC7 and maybe fitting a variable resistor or similar to allow manual adjustment of the volts hitting the peltier element, as I don't really want it flat out all the time. Dang 5v made it very cold, what would 12v do to it?!?!

    I've never had a peltier to play with so impressions experiences welcome.

    MCX4000T BTW.



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    There's a good article on Peltiers in this months PC Extreme (dated Oct. 2003)
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