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Thread: Mobile Celeron CPUs... where?

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    Question Mobile Celeron CPUs... where?

    Anyone know where I can purchase a mobile celeron chip..

    Just bought a laptop yesterday for £35 (Celeron 550, 64Mb RAM) and fancy a processor upgrade.. is it possible?

    AFAIK AMD only "sell" their mobile chips.. but I thought maybe someone else could prove me wrong.. hopefully

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    Well, it depends whether the processor is socketed or whether it's soldered to the motherboard. If it's the latter you're obviously out of luck. If it's socketed, then I guess it'll be a FCPGA socket- have a look on Ebay to see if there are any faster mobile Celerons or Pentium IIIs on offer. If you have the patience to navigate through it, Intel's own site ( has complete details of pretty much all the processors they've every sold, including what sort of socket etc. they went in.

    Before you do that though, it might be worth looking up your model of laptop to see if it was ever offered with a faster processor. If it was only designed to power a 550MHz chip, then you could overheat it putting anything faster in. On the desktop, the 550 was about the slowest of the FCPGA generation of Celerons (which makes upgradeablilty more likely) but I'm not sure if the same is true for the mobile versions.

    Rich :¬)

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