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Thread: What motherboard for FX-55?

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    What motherboard for FX-55?

    I am gonna upgrade to fx-55 even though i brought my system a couple weeks ago. Got 478 prescott 3.2, blue wavemaster (hate the door and hate the cooling system, load of rubbish), ABIT IC7 MAX3, Gainward 6800 Ultra Graphics Card, and to put it simple I aint that pleased.

    So anyway I would like a fx-55 system, i have 2gb of cosair xms pro, i need a kick arse case, thinking of getting a vapochill, but do they fit the fx-55? I need a motherboard, I want the best motherboard out there with SLI and PCI Express and ddr2 if possible but dunno which chipset is the best. Can you please advise me in detial! Also want a graphics card, the gainwards are rubbish too, only got it because SCAN a hem, didnt have any sapphire x800xt pe in stock, and still dont. Mama mia.

    The rest of my system:
    1 x 75gb raptor
    1 x 300gb samsung
    1 x soundblaster audigy platinum
    1 x creative 7.1 gigaworks sound system
    1 x benq fp783 monitor, 12 ms response time (best this i ever brought)

    Anyway tell me what you thing i should buy, dont worry bout the money just tell me whats the best!

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